The Famous Photographer Andreas Gursky and His Works

His father became his first teacher, who taught him all the basics and tricks of the profession. In addition, he studied at the State Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf.

Andreas Gursky has traveled a lot and visited many cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Brazil, New York, Hong Kong, Cairo and many others. His main focus in photography is the creation of large-scale panoramic images. The photographer has a special flair and vision. He finds quite unbelievable landscapes and scenes that look really impressive in the panoramic form. Some of his pictures when printed for exhibitions reach 4 meters! At the same time, the German photographer achieves high realism and naturalness, as well as enhanced definition of all objects, regardless of their remoteness. When you look at his pictures, it may seem that you look into the window and not on the photo, and you see not just a snapshot of the camera, but the real world, fresh, beautiful and lively. His photo exhibitions took place in Sweden, Germany, England, USA, Italy, Spain. The art of photography has brought him not only fame, but also good money. Some of his works at various times were considered one of the most expensive in the world and beated all records at cost. For example, a picture “99 cents” was sold for 3,340,456 dollars in 2007, and the photo “Rhein II” was sold in 2011 for 4.4 million USD.

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