Incense Sticks and Their Description. Smells of Incense

But the incense is not only good for the emotional and physical condition of the person - with its help you can clean the house from various types of negative energy.

Today you can find many types and smells of incense sticks, but before buying a particular odor, you need to determine the purpose for which you need it.

Incense sticks with the scent of mint calms and gives energy and strength. However, pregnant women should not use this smell, because it has undesirable effect on her health.

Incense sticks with the scent of basil helps to raise self-esteem. Basil is a symbol of the realization of your projects and goals, your success and personal growth. This smell will give you courage and can clarify thoughts.

The scent of chamomile contributes to harmonious and warm relations, both within the family and between the spouses. In the area of ​​health aroma of chamomile will have a positive impact on the mental health of all residents of the apartment.

The scent of eucalyptus has a wide range of effects. Even in ancient times, eucalyptus was used to treat rhinitis and upper respiratory tract. Its aroma activates the mind, so for students or schoolchildren, this incense should be lit in the area of ​​knowledge. And if you're going on a trip, then light a stick with this smell in the northeastern part of the apartment, it will help you to distinguish true friends from the cheaters. If you drip a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water in the bath, it will help you to find a way out of difficult situations and solve any problem. You will regain your mental strength and clarity of mind after a hard work day.

The scent of lavender is mainly used for cleaning the house, as well as against infectious diseases. If someone is sick in your house you should light this incense is in the area of ​​health.

Incense sticks with the scent of roses have long been considered the patron of love, affection and devotion. The smell of roses helps in different types of stress, insomnia and depression. Incense with the smell of a rose is best to lit in the area of ​​family and relationships. This will strengthen your relationship with your partner and make them a little tenderer.

The scent of geraniums relieves headaches very good, it helps with migraines and hypertension.

Rosemary is considered a sacred plant. It is widely used in various ceremonies. Incense smell of rosemary can treat many diseases but particularly problems with: gastrointestinal tract, liver and nervous system.

Incense sticks with the scent of juniper perfectly clean the air in the room, and it is believed that with the help of juniper incense you can arouse feelings of love in a partner. But beyond that, the incense has antiseptic effect.

Incense sticks with the scent of saffron are very popular in Tibet and Nepal. With them you can open the energy of love and compassion. Saffron has a good effect on the respiratory system.

Cinnamon sweet and spicy aroma can enhance mood. It invigorates, warms and removes any depression.

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