In What, When, Where and How to Pick up Mushrooms in the Forest

Headwear is mandatory, it can be a long jacket with a hood; tight trousers and rubber boots.

The tools are a small knife and a digging stick. After cutting a mushroom with a knife, see if it is not grubby, with a digging stick rake the leaves or moss under the trees.

When. Collecting mushrooms in the forest is best early in the morning at sunrise. At this time, wet with dew mushroom caps gleam in the sun and are well visible against leaves and grass. When the sun has to rise, it is necessary to keep back to it, so it does not dazzle the eyes.

Where. Going into the forest, you must remember that the woods along the road can be a good mushroom places, but those mushrooms absorb pollution. Near the villages or cottages mycelium is often trampled. Therefore it is better to go deep into the forest away from the roads, villages and cottages. If you have no means of orientation in the woods, then go into the forest with a local escort.

The places with abundance of mushrooms are not too dark and well poachy. But the dense spruce forests, where the soil surface is shaded with broad fir paws, doesn’t have too much of mushrooms. Also, do not look for mushrooms in open meadows with thick grass and on the waterfront.

How. Never taste an unknown mushroom, even if it smells good, ignore it. Take only the familiar mushrooms. Even one chosen by chance poisonous mushroom can lead to bad consequences. The most dangerous mushroom is death cup, a quarter of its cap is already deadly.

Mushroom pickers walks through the woods gradually, carefully looking at the feet and looking around. Almost all wild mushrooms grow in colonies, so finding the mushroom, it is necessary to take a closer look around.

Experts say that the mushroom should not be cut with a knife but twisted out of the ground like a screw so as not to destroy the mycelium (on the cut it can rot).

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