In the System of Feng Shui, Each Digit has its Specific value and Meaning

This figure brings the creative energy, the energy of life and joy. If your apartment has digit one or starts with it then your home will contribute to your self-expression, open your creativity, will allow you and your family stand out and express yourself and attract attention. Lighting plays a significant role in such house; it draws attention to your apartment. Colors for such home should be red, orange and bright. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a beach house atmosphere, open and carefree.

The digit two is under the influence of the moon. The people in the house with such number have very developed intuition. It is good for teachers, tutors, cooks, waiters, and all those people who work in restaurants, cafés and canteens. In such apartment give attention to the mirror and bathroom. The interior has to be performed in milk, soft cream colors, or even emerald green.

The number three is under the influence of Mars. It constantly requires quick decisions and manifestation of the will. In this apartment you will constantly want to work, and laziness can cause serious illness. Red color is suitable for interior decoration. You need to try to avoid scandals and quarrels.

The digit four is under the influence of Mercury. You have to be very eloquent person, since this figure represents a lot of contacts. In this house loneliness does not threaten you. Suitable colors for this apartment: a combination of yellow and blue, gray and blue. TV, radio and the computer will be very popular in the house. You will often have the desire to travel or just walk.

The number five is under the patronage of Jupiter and is associated with the extension. In the apartment with a digit five, you can have a big home library. This house or apartment is good for politician and people who are engaged in science and other things that are able to unite the people with a common goal or idea. A suitable color for this apartment is purple. Do not let anger get the better of you; otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.

The digit six is under the influence and patronage of Venus. This place is made for love and relaxation. In this apartment friends will often gather to have fun and just relax. The owners of such a house are good people with great taste, they know how to make own home comfortable and cozy. They love to cook and they are not bad at it. Such house should be set with soft furniture and fluffy carpets. Best colors and shades for this apartment are brown, peach and flesh. In this house you can often find a cat and a dog, as well as many plants.

The number seven is dominated by Saturn. Life in such house is a test, it is too hard. You will be constantly tormented with hunger, cold, or all sorts of troubles. But on the other hand, this place is good to master own profession and some skill. If a person who lives in this house does not feel the need to sit in silence and think he/she will get a forced restriction of mobility in the form of diseases of the joints, spine, etc. Favorable colors are dark blue. This house is good for yoga, relaxation and even fast.

The digit eight is dominated by Uranus. In this apartment, people will feel at ease. People who live here are capable of mutual assistance and different surprises. This is a place for meeting friends and new acquaintances. Astrologers, clairvoyants and all the people with abnormal features will feel organically and conformal here. The windows in the house must be kept clean, and be careful with electrical appliances.

The number nine is under the influence of Neptune. This is also a difficult place, as the apartment with number seven. If you are not working as an oilman, priest or psychic, then you will have the difficulties and troubles. You will be possibly dependant on alcohol or cigarettes; there are chances of insomnia and mental problems. Be careful with poison and other harmful substances.

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