In Feng Shui a Hand Fan is Considered the Best Protective Amulet

Fans are used not only as decoration but also as a means of protection against malevolent people with bad energy. Chinese teachers say that the fan is kind of a screen and drives hostile chi energy away from its owner. If the fan decorates your house, it will saturate the house with beneficial energy.

A hand fan is considered a talisman of eternal life. In the old days the fan was a symbol of high society, so if you decide to decorate the interior with a fan, it is better to hang it in the zone of Fame, which is located in the South. For this sector the best is the fan with a picture of a peacock or an eagle.

Your health and your family's health will be strengthened with the help of the fan with the image of spruce or cedar. It has to be hanged in the eastern sector. In order to attract financial luck buy a fan with a picture of the fish, and even better – fish group.

If you need more power in the workplace, experts of Feng Shui recommend hanging the fan behind you. But it has to be at an acute angle of 45 degrees.

Fans can be chosen of any color (depending on your taste and intuition), but the size of the fan is selected based on the size of the room. If the room is small, then the fan should be small, and vice versa. In other words, a large fan in a small room will not bring anything but trouble, and a small fan in the big room will be useless.

If you hang a red fan opposite the entrance door, it will attract good luck into your home. In the area of ​​relationships you can hang a golden fan with twin figures. It can be mandarin ducks, dogs Fu, or any other pair of figures.

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