How to Make Big Soap Bubbles

Young children love to blow bubbles, and large bubbles - even more. So you can make a “magic wand” to have the most unusual bubbles. Instead of the traditional wire ring on a stick, you can make any shape of the animal.

First, you take the ordinary paper and draw the outline of the desired animal on it. Then take a solid wire, press your fingers the end of the wire at the bottom of the drawn figure and make an identical wire frame, moving in the positive direction. In the places with circuit sections you can use pliers. At the end intertwine the very remaining 5-cm ends of the wire. Then attach the wire to the piece of straight wand and it is ready. Remember, you do not need the ideal result, the process of making is more important for a child.

Hide all possible sharp ends under the band wrapped around the stick and you are ready to have fun. Just stick your creation into the wide basin with soap water, and fun begins: let children run with the animal on the stick making large bubbles.

If you want to make really huge bubbles, take two sticks, tie a rope to it and you will be able to make a human tall bubble.

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