Gastronomic Pleasures in New Hampshire

The relatively small size of the State (24,217 sq. km) and the proximity to major metropolitan areas of the USA (including New York and Boston) allows visiting many natural attractions in a short time. There you can see the majestic Appalachian Mountains - White Mountains, with the same reserve in the central part of New Hampshire, the legendary Mount Washington (1917 m), the edge of the lake Winnipesaukee (lake area 184 square kilometers), and the peak of Monadnock (965 m ) in the South-West. Enjoy the adventures on the mountain trails, breakfast at the lake, a walk along the coast and around the stunning beauty of natural landscapes.

For gourmets New Hampshire offers a variety of traditional New England cuisine, poultry and seafood, pastries and sweets. In Portsmouth try lobster bakes, the tastiest casserole of lobster.

Arrange a feast of taste and visit one of the so-called routes of wine, cheese and chocolate. In the state there are more than 20 vineyards with wine boutiques. Cheese lovers also like to travel to New Hampshire. In Canterbury, be sure to visit the farm Brookford for tasting various types of cheddar cheese, camembert, brie and famous cheese Quark.

After the wine and cheese, you can pamper your taste buds with unique New Hampshire sweets, for example, at factory Stella in Bedford. It offers toffee caramel with sea salt and almond oil for sophisticated connoisseurs. Nearby you can find Van Otis Chocolates, which is famous in Manchester since 1935.

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