Frozen Beauty of Lofoten Archipelago in Norway

However, it is not so easy, the depth on average is about 90 m, and even empty bait is hard to lift (of course if you use a fishing rod), yet if you catch a 10 kg fish, you will have a bit of hard time while pulling it, but the result is worth of the process.

Those travelers, who don’t prefer fishing as entertainment, go there just to enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures which are great in any time of the day. The roads however are very difficult to drive at - narrow, slippery (in cold season), twisting around mountains, through tunnels, and endless turns.

It's hard to describe the beauty that surrounds. Coastal cliffs at day time are brightly lit by the sun, their tops can be shrouded in clouds, and sometimes the cliff is completely dashed out of sight. The weather can change very fast and after the sun you just see the rain front and blackened sky with clouds and sun beams breaking through the clouds. Despite the harsh climate, northern wilderness is amazing!

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