Fantastic Landscapes of Pinnacle Desert

Unusual place amazes guests with its weird and strange landscape that looks more like the surface of Mars than Earth. Huge, bizarre pillars, which consist of calcareous rocks, are everywhere.

Brownish-yellow sculptures seem to grow right out of the hot sand. The height of many of them extends almost to 3 meters. Interestingly, the shape of each column is not like a neighbor. Some of them look like high obelisks, and others resemble columns with jagged sharp edges.

In ancient times the site of a huge hot desert was covered with raging sea. But over time, the water receded, and the seascape was replaced by desert. Only the sand dunes and shells remind of the outline the ancient shoreline.

The formation of this desert is relatively recent. The archaeologists found some proofs that people lived there six thousand years ago. Observations show that the desert lives its own live, periodically, showing the sharp spires, and then hiding them under a layer of sand. This undulating movement up and down takes is constant, yet can be called "hot terracotta sea".

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