Famous Attractions in Romania

Tourists are attracted to Romania more and more, especially after the country's accession to the EU, it became much easier to come there. The climate is considered mild, moderately warm and dry enough. The warmest place is along the sea coast and in the delta of the Danube, in the steppes there are droughts, and in the mountains the weather is wet and cool.

Besides the beautiful nature and beaches, tourists are attracted by the country's rich history and its fascinating culture.

First of all it is the Bran Castle and the legendary Count Dracula. It has become the character of many literary works, feature films and computer games. Castle for this reason is one of the most visited attractions: it is located on a rocky hill near the large city of Brasov, on the border of the historic region of Transylvania. The architecture of the castle is close to the gothic - unusual and mysterious. It resembles a labyrinth, has secret passages and stairs. Bran is a vivid example of a medieval defensive structure built so that the besiegers had difficulties to get closer. Of course, near the castle you can enjoy a fine wine with the color of blood and eat amazing cheese with the flavor of the Romanian spruce resin.

Attractions of Romania capital Bucharest should be described separately. This city of more than 500 years; there are a lot of remains of wonderful historical and architectural monuments, but they can’t be called well-kept and thriving: the economy is not on top, and this is reflected in the appearance and condition of many buildings, both old and modern. However, the old Bucharest is well preserved, even though at least half of it, unfortunately, was demolished during the socialist era, by the decision of Ceausescu. In return, the dictator ordered to build enormous Palace of the Parliament, which has become the largest administrative structure in the world. But before, for the elegance of architecture Bucharest was called “Paris of the Balkans”.

In the city there are still remains of a lot of beautiful palaces and buildings, interesting courtyards and squares, as well as churches and monasteries, but the best way to explore the history and culture is museums: Art - the Royal Palace, Historic, the Ethnographic Museum of the village on the lake, in the open air, and many others. Bucharest is known for a lot of greenery, it is famous in the whole Eastern Europe and its gardens and parks are known far beyond the borders of Romania.

Summer holidays in Romania are usually luxury sea-bathing: the beaches are wide, with fine silky sand, and almost all with the “blue flag” - environmentally friendly. Large waves are very rare, so it is convenient for a vacation, even with small children. One of the best beaches is considered the resort of Mamaia close to Constanta: although there is constant wind blowing, you can swim and sunbathe from May to mid-autumn. For a family vacation it is equipped with all the best.

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