Elephant in Feng Shui is a Favorable Animal

In the science of Feng Shui, elephant mascot is also popular, no less than the animal itself. But the most and especially important for Chinese people is a mascot consisting of 7 elephants.

Elephant in Feng Shui is a symbol of balance, reliability and stability. Specialists of Feng shui say that due to its long trunk, the elephant can draw good luck and prosperity into the house.

The elephant mascot is usually put on the windowsill; its trunk should point to the street, so it can draw good luck into the house from the street. But if you put an elephant trunk inside the house, it would mean that success is already present in your home.

Also elephant figurine perfectly removes destructive and unfavorable energy from the corners.

You can put the elephant in any area of ​​your house or apartment, but it would be better if the elephant figurine is placed on the north-west or south-east, thus, the elephant will support the head of the family in any business or will attract a reliable protector into your house, because the elephant is the embodiment of strength and power.

As a mascot of feng shui can be used figurines made of any material, whether bone, bronze or ceramic. Also as a mascot can be used soft and rubber toy elephants.

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