Color, Size and Material of a Wallet by Feng Shui

The “house for the money” should be attractive, harmonious, comfortable and clean.

The color

When choosing the color, your date of birth helps a lot. If the year of your birth ends with the number 4 or 5 you should focus on the black, blue and green hues. Those born with the last figures 6 and 7, can afford to choose a wallet of red, pink, green or light green colors. Yellow, brown, and flesh colors are suitable for those with the last digits of the year of birth 8 or 9. People who have 0 or 1 should choose the color of the purse of white, gray, silver, yellow and brown colors.

The size, shape and material

Round, oval or square - you can choose any shape, provided that it is spacious and bills in it are not folded. Each “fold” of paper money reduces the monetary energy and pushes your luck away. Coins should be places in a separate “unit”.

The size is not as important as the proportion. In the eastern practice the length and width of the purse is “tied” into the so-called Imperial number. Feng Shui believes that leather purse is an ideal option. But expensive leather can be well replaced by suede or smooth fabric, they are also good for the power of money; but plastic has to be avoided.

There are a few more tips:

If you are not sure what color to choose, buy a red wallet. Red is the universal color of income and wealth.

If you can’t live with a purse without pictures, put a picture of your dream in one of the pockets - houses, cars, exotic country. They will draw the money to execute your wishes.

If you do not have a coin mascot, put a mint leaf or green tea leaves into your purse. If desired, tea and mint can be replaced with horseradish, which is believed to attract wealth.

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