Another Wonder of the World

Uluru, which resembles a huge resting elephant, is incredibly beautiful and is considered to be one the most remarkable natural wonders of our planet.

Its height is 838 m and the length is about 3,6km. This red sandstone is covered with cracks everywhere. Some of them reach a depth of 2m. This property of sandstone allows the rock to change its color throughout the day. At dawn, the mountain seems dark purple, during the day it gets a golden hue, and in the evening it becomes very dark.

Millions of years ago in the center of Australia there was a mountain like an island. The refuse stone was gradually destroyed, settled and formed a giant rock. Standing in the midst of hot desert, Uluru is constantly worn by hurricanes that strike the surrounding area with heavy rains. That creates deep cracks on the surface of the mountain. Alternating heat and heavy rains makes sandstone compressed and then expanded again, and this process does not stop.

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