Ancient Castles of Hungary Invite the Tourists

In the middle of the XIX century in Hungary began the uprising against the oppression of Austria, and many castles were destroyed or turned into the headquarters of the rebels. In the vastness of the unruly country that Hapsburgs considered theirs, there were ruins of about 4000 castles. Now there are about 1000 buildings, which are called castles.

The best preserved are castles-palaces: under socialism most of them were abandoned, but now many are successfully used in the field of tourism - they are accommodated as comfortable hotels. Wealthy tourists from different countries like to stay in them, preferring historic interior; however, at the request of customers they can get rooms furnished in modern style; and spectacular vintage entertainment, such as real Hungarian hunting is available to everyone.

Some of the ancient castles in Hungary are now modified into hotels for VIP-clients. Officially there are not many of them, less than 100, but every year the number grows.

There are more of ancient castles which are not hotels, but a few are open for a visit.

All the palaces and castles in Hungary have their own character, and their abundance is shocking for unprepared tourists. You can travel from city to city, admiring their variety, or stay in one of the castle-hotel and quietly enjoy the offer of cultural and entertainment programs. And it can be done at any time: in the castles of Hungary open to tourists, visitors are greeted “by the upper class” all year round.

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