Activities and Rest in Thailand

The geographical location of the country makes its climate varied, and it is beneficial not only for tourists, who can relax during the holidays in different climatic zones, but also for local farmers - crops can be harvested 2-3 times a year.

Original and nice holidays in Thailand are celebrated in any season - for example, in March, you can get to the Thai Elephant Day. Elephants of all ages are involved - from toddlers to “oldies” and free admission for all: these animals are sacred, and the Thais like when people admire elephants.

To have great rest it is not necessary to go far from the capital. In Bangkok, in addition to the Royal Palace and museums, there are many more interesting things, including Thai food with a lot of dishes.

You can visit the floating markets, which are in abundance, but caution is needed there: they say that traders are literally attacking the hapless tourists from all sides, and those who do not buy anything are treated with hostility. However, the Thai people are known for their politeness and restraint, so there is nothing to fear, but it is better to take an experienced guide.

In Bangkok, there are a lot of the day and nightly shows and entertainment, but resort rest is more popular. Many of them with rich service and infrastructure are known far beyond the borders of Thailand.

The most democratic place affordable for “average” tourist is considered Pattaya, but there is more noise and less neatness than, for example, on Phuket. The beaches of Phuket are the best, and the island itself is called fairy “pearl of the Andaman”: the sea is azure, the sand is snow-white, mountains and hills are covered with dense forests - though the prices are much higher, but they are designed for different wallets.

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