10 Animals Which Our Children Will See Only on Pictures

Here is the list of these endangered species.

Iberian lynx lives only in Spain nowadays. There are only about a hundred of these beauties left. Overpopulated and build-up area is not the best place to live, however not only human is the reason for their extinction. In fact when a lynx gives birth to a few cubs, the siblings fight with each other often to slaughter.

Sumatran orangutans are very smart, they know how to make umbrellas with leaves and twigs, and hide under them from rain. They learned how to get honey from the hives of wild bees with the help of little chopsticks. But there are only 7,500 left and each year almost a thousand dies. The main cause of extinction is deforestation and forest fires started by people.

Hairy-nosed wombats are the largest in their family. They run at speed about 40 km/h, but this ability hardly save them from predators. There are only a hundred of these animals in the world, and they live in one Australian reserve.

Wild Bactrian camels disappear very fast. There are only a thousand of them, and it is believed that in another 10-20 years they will completely extinct. People hunt them, they are flushed out by new construction, and finally they simply interbreed with domestic camels, in such case the brood is sterile.

Dama gazelles once ran in African deserts in big beautiful herds. But firearms have done the job, and now only about a hundred of them left in Chad, Mali and Niger. By the way this gazelle is emblazoned on the coat of arms of Niger.

Black Rhinoceros are almost all destroyed for their horns. The horns are used to make the handles of the ritual daggers and for the Chinese traditional medicine. If you feel that you have nothing to do with it, think about all kinds of Chinese drugs that appear in our pharmacy.

Leather-back sea turtle eat jellyfish and can dive for them at incredible depth. But, alas, they are often confused and swallow plastic bags thrown by people, and this causes their death. A few decades ago, there were more than 115 thousand females of these turtles. Now their number fell somewhere to 30 thousand. However, people have not stopped littering polyethylene.

Red wolves were gathered together about 30 years ago with the attempt to restore their population. People’s efforts were not useless, and the population increased from 17 to a hundred. However, the American forests, where wolves were released, are cut down and the poor fellows are still threatened with extinction.

Amur tiger, also called Siberian, is the biggest of the cats, moreover relatively peaceful and rarely attacks people. Thus, it is especially disappointing that only about 450 animal units left.

Polar bear is another giant, the largest predator in the world, but can extinct because of the melting of ice. The fact is: when ice melts, the bears have difficulties searching for food, and they die of starvation. Recently, their population seemed to have stabilized, but if the theory of global warming is true, they will disappear very fast.

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